Dear Baseball Boosters + Parents

Dear Baseball Boosters + Parents

June 6, 2016

Did you know helping your athletes maintain proper rib and hip mobility to excel in their sport can also prevent shoulder and elbow injuries!? Don't let your kids become part of the "epidemic"...

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Learn how to sleep like a pro hockey player

Wanna Learn How To Sleep Like A Pro Hockey Player?

May 18, 2016

This Article does a great job introducing the power of sleep to optimize recovery and performance excellence - Check out our Mental Performance REVIVE service line to learn more!...

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Even Ups

Even Ups - Don't Let Back, Hip, Or Knee Injury Develop Because Of A Foot Injury!

May 12, 2016

Even ups are one of those tools that not many doctors and patients know about, but can greatly impact the efficiency of healing. This great little tool helps to bring more symmetry to your gait and posture if you have to wear a cast, an orthotic...

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Bio Q Pulse For Pain Relief + Healing + Rejuvenation

May 10, 2016

We love when we get the opportunity to learn and visit the West Coast. This past winter we went to a continuing education course in California and were introduced to the Bio Q Pulse machine. We learned about the science behind how it...

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Train with Intent

Train With Intent(Mental Performance Series Part 2)

May 2, 2016

Many of Sloan’s friends also decided they wanted to be warriors, but what separated Sloan from his friends was his determination and plan of action to achieve this goal. He realized that to be part of the elite warrior group, he would need help...

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Thriving Under Pressure

Thriving Under Pressure(Mental Performance Series Part 1)

May 2, 2016

Each of us has the heart of a warrior. As warriors we embark on a journey to accomplish our dreams and achieve our true potential. Throughout this journey we encounter numerous obstacles and setbacks that will test...

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Chicago Course

Chicago Course Review

March 4, 2016

This past weekend Julie traveled to teach at Chicago Primal Gym. Trainers, Coaches, and Therapists came to this course from all over the country and one attendee even traveling in from Australia! Here is the course review...

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Seattle Course

Seattle Course Review

February 25, 2016

This past weekend, Julie traveled to Seattle, Washington to teach PRI Integration for Fitness & Movement at ATI's Kirkland Physical Therapy Clinic. Over 50 professionals were in attendance! Check out her course review here...

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Philidelphia Course

Philidelphia Course in Review

October 21, 2015

This past weekend, Julie taught the PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement Course at Endeavor Sports Performance. This is a new course offered by the Postural Restoration Institute which teaches principles to enhance athletic durability, performance, and...

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PRI Website

We Are Proud That Our Julie Was Featured And Interviewed On The PRI Website!

June 5, 2015

Later this year, Julie gets to start traveling the world to teach a new Postural Restoration Course called PRI Integration for Fitness & Movement. It is an advanced lecture and lab course designed to assist personal trainers, fitness instructors, coaches...

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