Dear Baseball Boosters + Parents

June 6, 2016

Dear Baseball Boosters + Parents

Did you know helping your athletes maintain proper rib and hip mobility to excel in their sport can also prevent shoulder and elbow injuries!? Don't let your kids become part of the "epidemic".

The arm doesn't function alone and needs a balanced foundation to move from! It is necessary to look beyond the arm and evaluate how the mechanics elsewhere may be contributing to the increased torque causing major injuries in young and professional athletes!

We're not convinced it's a mystery -- to many people are looking for the answers in the wrong places.

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The body is a system and we need to look at the whole system, not just one part of the system (i.e. just the elbow, or just the shoulder). Compensation or instability in one area will directly affect another. Taking the whole body into account and looking at how all the parts interact with one another results in better outcomes and more efficient movement for sport rehabilitation and sport performance