Thriving Under Pressure(Mental Performance Series Part 1)

May 2, 2016

Thriving Under Pressure


Each of us has the heart of a warrior. As warriors we embark on a journey to accomplish our dreams and achieve our true potential. Throughout this journey we encounter numerous obstacles and setbacks that will test our physical and mental strengths. However, the true journey is how we hurdle these obstacles, persevere, and learn from our mistakes. The field of Mental Performance (Sport Psychology) specializes in providing all warriors (athletes, musicians, doctors, executives, soldiers, etc.) with the necessary mental and cognitive skills needed to achieve and sustain optimal performance in high pressure scenarios.

Thriving Under Pressure

Mental Performance for THRIVING Under Pressure:

A Warrior’s Tale is a multi-part series introducing mental skills training to a young warrior named Sloan. Similar to today’s high level performers, ancient warriors continually trained and prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically for battle. They trained extensively in mental preparation, self-control, and meditation (present moment focus).

Travel with young Sloan to learn how mental skills training helps this warrior become confident, calm, focused, and in control of his training and battle performances. As Sloan embarks on his training, he is faced numerous challenges, such as, managing his fear before going into battle, rebounding back quickly from mistakes, minimizing ineffective thinking, remaining calm and focused when faced with adversity, and many more. As you can see, the challenges Sloan faces are very similar to many of the performance challenges athletes today encounter.

Thriving Under Pressure

As you read through the blog series, we will introduce a new mental skill to Sloan, and you can begin conceptualizing how the mental skill applies to your own sport or performance. As Sloan learns how to utilize mental skills training to help him sharpen his mental edge, you will also learn strategies to begin implanting into your own training regimen! By the end of the journey, you will have the basic mental performance tools needed to optimize your performance potential. Allow yourself to achieve excellence on the amazing journey you have embarked on.

Some of the mental skills and performance tools Sloan will learn include: setting strategic goals, reframing ineffective self-talk, rebounding quickly from mistakes, maintaining focus, managing nerves, and imaging success.

As Sloan learns a new mental skill, a mental gear of THRIVEVB Mental Performance will become illuminated. By the end of Sloan’s journey, he will have developed razor sharp mental skills that enable him to achieve and sustain optimal performance in high pressure scenarios.