Bio Q Pulse For Pain Relief + Healing + Rejuvenation

May 10, 2016

We love when we get the opportunity to learn and visit the West Coast. This past winter we went to a continuing education course in California and were introduced to the Bio Q Pulse machine. We learned about the science behind how it stimulates reflex points in your body to increase blood flow and healing potential, boost energy production, reduce swelling, relieve tension, improve sleep, and normalizes painful nerves.

It was hard for us to pass up the opportunity to bring this revolutionary device to our home town. Countries around the globe have been using this technology since the 1960s but only recently has it been approved for use in the US. It's all natural, no drugs, and no side-effects and we are the first in the state of Virginia to offer this advanced machine and one of only 11 providers in the country!

The BioQPulse is excellent for pain relief but it's also for anyone who wants to feel younger, more energized, and stronger. Introductory session is $17, package discounts and monthly payment plans help to make it affordable. Stop by the clinic to try it out or call (757) 416-6700 to schedule a session today!