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Kristin VanderBloeman 

Office Manager

Is an extremely valuable team member that helps to keep everyone organized, focused, and makes it possible for our providers to focus solely on patient care.

Kristin comes to us with 9 years of management experience and 20 years of administrative experience. She loves to sing and can be heard humming and singing periodically through the clinic for your listening pleasure. She is an integral part of ensuring every patient has a wonderful experience.

Get to Know Kristin Outside of the Office

  • She loves to sing, scrapbook, and spend time with her husband and 3 kids.
  • She is known as the “mom” of the clinic.
  • She loves to eat SUSHI!!!!
  • Favorite Movie - Benny & Joon (showing my age here!)
  • Favorite Music - She like all types of music. Whatever sounds good that she can sing to is where the radio dial stops.