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We believe that healthcare is specific to each individual and that your treatment should be catered to you.

It’s our goal to help you find balance and keep the unique 'pendulum' of your mind and body consistently centered.

The Thrive Process has been built to accommodate all lifestyles. From collegiate baseball players to c-level business execs, military moms, crossfit competitors, and more––we create custom programs designed for each individual to thrive.

We do not chase or treat symptoms. We identify the root cause of your limitation, pain, plateau, or difficulty in performance, as well as the patterns of behavior contributing to the concern at hand. We treat your body as a whole with a plan that is custom to you.

The goal of resilience is to Thrive

Health is a composite of one's inner resilience - physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s this resilience that allows you to overcome the unexpected and to handle various forms of stress to meet the demands of life without being overwhelmed.

Resilience is an integrative concept, not just a state of mind. We look at resilience through a multidimensional lens and support you on your journey to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally resilient and durable through hard training and the everyday stressors of life and aging.

Stress Inputs | The Thrive Process

Not all stress is bad. Stress is a key ingredient to help our bodies grow, change, evolve, adapt and age well. We help you guide, filter, and repurpose stress to better manage various inputs for positive and favorable results. When stress is not managed well it can manifest as symptoms of dysfunction, pain, anxiety, and imbalance.

In order to become truly resilient, we must understand the three dimensions that are most effective in cultivating a life of resilience.

Resilience | The Thrive Process

Physical resilience

Getting rid of unwanted muscle tension and joint pain to gain optimal joint positioning and muscle balance for efficient and healthy movement, improved function, and performance.

Mental resilience

Getting rid of unwanted distractions and unnecessary mental clutter to get higher brain power, productivity, clarity and focus.

Emotional resilience

Getting rid of unwanted and recurring negative emotions which may be limiting potential or progress to gain inner peace and authentic positive energy in pursuit of happiness.

Many people do not know how good they are designed to feel. They are so used to just ‘living’ with their symptoms and issues. Though some of those issues may not be presently huge or affecting their lives in a big way, they may be whispers to let them know how parts of their machine are performing.

Using our services in an integrative way helps people unlock the dimensions of resilience to achieve a higher standard of mind-body health.
We are designed to do more than just survive–we were meant to thrive.

The Thrive Process

Empowering Proactive Lifestyles

A proactive lifestyle is one that actively manages health and initiates change before a negative physical or mental event occurs. We encourage clients to invest in their health now, rather than reacting to an event once it after it creates stress, imbalance, or damage.

The financial cost of proactive health is much less than reactive care. More than that, staying proactive ensures the quality of your overall well-being and life altogether.

Thrive — Graston Technique

Performing For Durability

At Thrive, we encourage clients to heal and then, grow them to become durable.

Why? Durability is to withstand wear, pressure, stress, and damage. The more durable a person is, the more they are able to live a long, continuous life without requiring excessive maintenance.

Thrive — Graston Technique

Your Unique Pendulum

Each of us has a unique ‘pendulum’ that is distinctive to us as individuals. It acts as a measure for the physical, mental, and spiritual balance that we all possess.

Your pendulum may be too much to the left or to the right, too stiff or too loose, and so on––but, it’s ideal for your pendulum to be perfectly centered.

By helping clients become proactive, resilient, and durable, we’re able to center each individual’s pendulum according to their specific needs.

*This is also the symbolic meaning for the pendulum within our logo.

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