Sarah Ratti 

PTA + FMS | Provider
Biomechanics and Movement Expert

Sarah Ratti is a compassionate and honest movement expert and has been working in the physical therapy field for nearly 10 years.

She has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and has been instructing ballroom dance and gymnastics for over ten years. Sarah strives to further her education and advance through more progressive knowledge of the human mechanical system. Her natural healing touch and patience, along with her understanding of human movement has helped many achieve paramount recoveries, eliminate pain, and enjoy a happier quality of life.

Sarah’s Experience

  • B.S. in Biology from Christopher Newport University

  • Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant - Advanced training in:

    • Movement Impairments
    • Functional Movement Systems
    • Gait and Spine Imbalances
    • Kinesio Taping
    • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Postural Restoration
  • Certified in the Graston Technique

  • Orthopedic and sports therapy training

Get to Know Sarah Outside of the Office

  • Loves hiking, travelling, and the beach
  • Happily married
  • Likes to eat healthy, but also loves her ice cream
  • Favorite Movie - Captain America
  • Favorite music - Country