Who We Are

Thrive Proactive Health is a locally owned, premier health and wellness clinic. We offer science-based, integrative treatments and are devoted to personalized care. It is our aim to empower people of all lifestyles to be proactive with their health and live a balanced, resilient life.

Our mission is to responsibly better your health and enhance your wellness by working as a team and providing you with a valuable customer experience.

Our Values

Thrive is a team of committed and hard-working professionals devoted to the healing, performance, and empowerment of our clients supplied by our dedication to proactive health, personalized services, and a conviction towards delivering the results they need to THRIVE at home, at work, and in competition!


For both our clients and employees, we believe that we are responsible for providing excellent experiences. We hold high standards for ourselves and focus on the constant improvement of our practice. It is our promise to strive to understand and satisfy the needs of your health–and you can trust that we deliver what we promise.


To guarantee results, we develop strategic plans and creative solutions for our clients. Healthcare and technology are ever-changing and advancing; which is why we are dedicated to lifelong education. We are continuously deepening our knowledge and embrace the agility necessary for innovation.


We’ve created a culture that encourages and thrives off of ‘togetherness’. We believe that when our team works together, you receive the best care and most successful results. Support, respect, and trust within our team ensures that we’re working with a common purpose for your needs.

Our Team

We are a team of trained professionals, innovators, life-long learners, and passionate providers

Thrive - Julie Blandin

Julie Blandin
PT + ATC + CSCS + PRC | Provider

Biomechanical Specialist and Movement Expert

Meet Julie
Thrive - Jessica Sager

Jess Sager
PT + DPT | Provider

Physical Therapist

Meet Jessica
Thrive - Lee Beasley

Lee Beasley

Physical Therapist + Kemps River Clinical Director

Meet Lee
Thrive - Maureen Moore

Maureen Moore
PTA + CMT | Provider

BioMechanical Manual Therapy Specialist

Meet Maureen
Thrive - Krickett Kopas

Krickett Kopas
PTA | Provider

Meet Krickett
Thrive - Karla Urioste

Karla Urioste
PTA | Provider

Meet Karla
Thrive - Tracy Heller

Tracy Heller
PH.D + C-MPC + BCB | Provider

Mental Performance Specialist

Meet Tracy
Thrive - Christine Sanchez

Christine Sanchez
PH.D + C-MPC + BCB | Provider

Mental Performance Specialist

Meet Christine
Thrive - Chantal Owen

Chantal Owen
CMT + CR + CCA | Provider

Pain Relief, Pain Management, and Relaxation Specialist

Meet Chantal
Thrive - Karyn Pereira

Karyn Pereira

Back End Manager

Meet Karyn
Thrive - Emma Manning

Emma Manning

Lead Exercise Specialist

Meet Emma
Thrive - Lauren Morrison

Lauren Morrison

Exercise Specialist

Meet Lauren
Thrive - Kayla Hooper

Kayla Hooper

Exercise Specialist

Meet Kayla
Thrive - Lisa McGrath

Lisa McGrath

Front End Manager

Meet Lisa
Thrive - Ana Trapp

Ana Trapp

Client Experience Receptionist

Meet Ana
Thrive - Danielle Boudreau

Danielle Boudreau

Business Development and Marketing Director

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